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AGL Certified Blue Zircon Diamond Necklace 14KWG


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Inspired by the classic circa 1920s art deco period is this one of a kind designer blue zircon diamond necklace. Elegant details are noted on each of the necklace links including pave/bead set diamonds, milgrain edging and varying geometric shapes. The large pendant drop houses a 7.60 carat loupe clean deep blue zircon that measures 10.0 X 8.5 mm and joins three other fine quality zircons to form a premium top quality suite of matching stones. The largest stone is the 7.60 carat which is certified by AGL (American Gemolocial Laboratory.

Surrounded by a sea of pave set diamonds the large zircon's deep blue color and brilliance is beautifully landscaped. Above the large oval is a prong set round brilliant blue zircon measuring 8.0 mm and weighing 3.74 carats and further along the necklace is a pair of oval brilliant cut zircons weighing 3.34 carats and measuring 6.5 X 5.25 mm. In total the suite consists of 14.68 carats of the finest rich Cambodian blue zircons. This suite was selected for its premium color and optimal rich saturation, loupe clean clarity, precision cutting and bold blue brilliance.

Four additional necklace links have prong set round brilliant diamonds that are 0.08 ctw. In total the necklace has 0.78 carats of top quality SI1 G diamonds that are bright, clean, white and brilliant. A substantial 13.68 grams was used to make the necklace which uses a solid 1.75 mm rope chain with lobster claw clasp.

The necklace measures 485 mm or 19 in length. The pendant drop is an additional 3/4. (Please contact me if you prefer to have the necklace length shortened.) This magnificent piece is offered by Jill Underhill of Color Symphony ( and will be shipped directly from their location in New Hampshire.

All gemstones in our inventory and our jewelry are Natural mined gemstones, NONE are lab created,lab Grown,man made, or synthetics.
Gemstone Type   Enhancement   Clarity
x Type I Gemstones -Usually eye clean None-Natural: No Enhancement x VVS-Minute inclusions, difficult to see under 10X. Eye clean.
x Examples- Aquamarine,Green & Yellow Chrysoberyl,Morganite,Tanzanite, Green Tourmaline, Blue Zircon x Heat-The use of heat to effect desired alteration of color, clarity and/or phenomena.   VS-Minor inclusions, somewhat easy to see with 10X. Usually eye clean.
      Heating and Pressure: The use of heat and pressure combined to effect desired alterations of color, clarity and/or phenomena.   SI1-Easily noticeable inclusions with 10X. Slightly visible to the unaided eye.
Type II Gemstones-Usually included   Irradiation: The use of neutrons, gamma rays or beta particles (high energy electrons) to alter a gemstone’s color. The irradiation may be followed by a heating process.   SI2-Easily visible inclusions to the unaided eye
  Examples-Alexandrite,Amethyst, Ametrine,Citrine, All Garnet, Iolite, Peridot, All Sapphire & Ruby, Spinel, Blue, Orange & Yellow Tourmaline, Green, Orange, Red or Yellow Zircon   Oiling/Resin Infusion: The filling of surface-breaking fissures with colorless oil, wax, resin or other colorless substances, except glass or plastic, to improve the gemstone’s appearance.   I1-Significant inclusions,Moderate effect on appearance or durability
      Waxing/Oiling: The impregnation of a colorless wax, paraffin or oil in porous opaque or translucent gemstones to improve appearance.   I2-Significant inclusions,Severe effect on appearance or durability
  Type III-Gemstones Almost always included   Filling: The filling of surface-breaking cavities or fissures with colorless glass, plastic, or similar substances.This process may improve durability and/or appearance, and/or to add weight.    
  Examples- Bixbite, Emerald, Red, Pink or Watermelon Tourmaline   Diffusion: The use of chemicals in conjunction with high temperatures to produce ARTIFICIAL color change and/or asterism-producing inclusions.    
      Coating: The use of such surface enhancements as lacquering, enameling, inking, foiling or sputtering of films to improve appearance, provide color or add other special effects.    

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