Sri Lanka (Ceylon) White Cushion Cut Sapphire – 1.21 Cts – 6.4×5.6x4mm


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I always admire a well cut stone. Perhaps it’s just the simple time and effort that a craftsman put into the artform of gem cutting that I admire, or that all the stones we sell are faceted by people and not just a machine. Just a wonderful feeling to know that a person (in this case in Sri Lanka) put his (her) best effort into making the natural beauty of this sapphires brilliance shine through.

This particular white  (or sometimes referred to as a colorless sapphire) is a lovely cushion cut stone, thet is eye clean in clarity. It has no undertones of green, yellow, blue or brown to it. It’s a well cut natural brilliant sapphire, perfect for that ring or pendant you always dreamt of. 

I know our white sapphires are better than the competitions, why don’t you take a look for yourself?



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