GGTL Unheated Certified 2.06 Ct Blue Sapphire Mens Ring 14KWG


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Isn’t this mens sapphire ring fantastic?  Seems the majority of what is available for men are either

  1. A gold ring with several rows of diamonds and a sapphire in the middle.   or

    2. A gold ring two triangular cutouts on the side, and a sapphire plopped in the middle.

So instead we stepped it up a few notches to give you quality, originality, and of course great value. We found an old 14KWG mounting at an estate sale down near the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.  It was ~8 grams 14k white gold hallmarked as JIG, we removed the stone/mount, created a new bezel to showcase this stunning sapphire, then we polished/replaced the diamonds, and now its truly an original piece of art.

The sapphire itself is stunning, no matter how you you view it. This sapphire exhibits a beautiful Cobalt blue color. This sapphire is near eye clean in clarity, and was mined, polished and cut in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). This sapphire has also been certified as a natural UNHEATED blue sapphire

I also love the textures of the ring itself, with both a smooth polished and textured satin finish for added flair

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