This star ruby is untreated/unheated, rare for a star ruby as most are heated or diffused with an artificial color or star. The star itself has 6 legs and can easily be seen in direct sunlight. The color is a rich Crimson Red. This star ruby was mined and cabbed in India. This ruby has been certified by the GIA Gem Lab as a natural unheated Star Ruby.

Star rubies are the gemstones that legends are made of. The three crossed rays are said to symbolize faith, hope, and destiny.

In spiritual writings the Red stones are #1 on the hierarchy of stones as they represent the emotions and life itself. The heart is red, as is the blood it pumps, it nourishes every cell in the body.

Many different legends have formed around these magical stones. People have thought that they had demons or angels of light living in them. And because they turned dark at night, they were thought to go to sleep, just like people.    

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