IGI Certified Unheated Ceylon Blue Star Sapphire Mens Ring 7.83 carats 18KYG


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One of the most (actually the most) parts of the colored stone business is finding treasure. Unlike diamond where prices are set in a boardroom in London, colored stones are found and sold the old fashioned way. Hundreds of small firms working independently looking for that hidden treasure to be found. While diamonds can be mined in almost every country, ruby and sapphire can only be found in a handful.
This rare and magnificent (and I don’t use the term loosely) star sapphire specimen was mined in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and cabbed in Mumbai. A couple of reasons this stone is a standout.

1. Body is translucent bordering on transparent with a star is bold and strong.
2. Ceylon pedigree and rich warm color.
3. 6 strong legs with each ray extending almost to the girdle of the stone.
Take a look at your local retailer or even online and see how rare a star sapphire is that has these qualities really is. Strong color, strong star, translucent body, if we’ve seen 5 stones with these qualities in the last 12 years< I think that’s a lot, which shows you how rare a magnificent star sapphire truly is.
Set in a custom made gold setting using 11.5 grams of 18kt yellow gold. The two outer bands have a polished gold finish while the center band is a brushed gold finish. Ring is sized at a men’s 10.5 and can be resized upon request. As you might see the color/intensity of the star seems muted in the 1st video. This is because the ring is photographed in a light box.

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