Silver Sapphire Cufflink Pair and Shirt Stud Set


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A stunning set of matched cufflinks and shirt studs when you want to put your subtle mark on a formal occasion. This set was created for us using a Victorian theme, the oval blue sapphires were mined in Thailand and are eye clean (Type 2 VS) in clarity.

The brown (or I think the current term for them are Champagne diamonds) are also eye clean and are of a round rose cut. There are 1.55 carats total diamonds on the set. They are all hand set in 18.85 grams of sterling silver. Beautiful set of 6 pieces (two cufflinks and 4 shirt studs).

This gemstone (or gemstone that is part of this piece of gemstone jewelry) has been enhanced by traditional heat treatment. Traditional heat treatment is used to improve a stones color, remove color zoning/banding, and improve clarity. This treatment is considered permanent. The only way to tell if a colored stone has been treated is for the stone to be analyzed by a lab. Generally only gemstone laboratories have the equipment necessary to make a qualified judgement with any certainty.

Untreated gemstones are rare and should be verified by a lab independent of the seller. A good rule of thumb is to always assume a gemstone has been enhanced, unless valid certification from a reputable laboratory is available. No one that sells jewelry or gems should be doing appraisals, certifications, or analysis. It should always be an independent third party with no vested interest in the sale.

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