Sri Lanka Round 2mm Multicolor Sapphire Set 80 stones 3.62 carats


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Years ago, (about 15 years ) our supplier in Sri Lanka put together Rainbow colored sapphires sets for some clients that wanted necklaces made. I think we sold out two weeks after they arrived. Recently when cleaning up the shop, found this group survived hidden deeply in our safe.

One thing that makes this set quite unique from just about ANY set you’ll find on the market is every stone in this set has only been treated with simple heat. NO diffusion, berylium or any other color enhancement (majority of pinks reds and purple on the market today are enhanced by these sinister alternatives 🙂

The stones are bright brilliant and well cut. Price listed is for the 80 piece set which weights 3.62 carats. Imagine the bracelet or necklace that this set is destined to become



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