Unheated Indian Ruby Oval 0.83 carats 7.3×5.8x2mm


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Ruby is the #1 selling colored stone in the world and rubies with fine color greater than .25  a carat  are extremely rare & expensive, that’s why we were so lucky to have found these. Mined from a new mining site in India. They look more like ruby from Burma, or Mozambique as they possess that internal fire, that fine ruby are known for.

Deep, glowing red, the ruby is sometimes said to contain the original spark of life, “a drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth.” In 1415, King Henry the Fifth led his small British army against the French at Agincourt. For protection, he wore the famous Black Prince Ruby in his helmet. After winning the battle, he credited the stone for taking a blow meant for his head.

With a color more of a  burgundy red and SI1 clarity, this ruby is unheated

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