Burma Ruby Oval Set of 4 2.12 Carats 6x4mm
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None of our rubies or sapphires have been diffusion or Beryllium treated, we don't consider the practice an acceptable form of treatment since little is known about long term effects/durability.The finest rubies look like someone painted a swatch of fluorescent red directly across them. It is an almost glowing red, diffused well through the stone, and is rooted from the unique property of fine Rubies, a rich red fluorescence. While Burma (or sometimes called the Mogok Ruby) is the traditional source for the finest rubies, good stones are a rare find anywhere, the best stones contain tiny amounts of rutile silk which give these rubies their awesome crimson glow

Some neat facts and lore concerning rubies:

  • At Sotheby's New York's October 18, 1988 sale, Alan Caplan's 15.97 ct Burmese ruby sold for $3,630,000, or a startling $227,301/ct (most of ours are less!)
  • Few named rubies:
  • 167 carat Edwardes ruby (British Museum)
  • 100 carat DeLong star ruby (Am Mus Nat Hist)
  • 138.7 ct Rosser-Reeves star ruby
  • Many believed that rubies possessed an inner flame which burned eternally.
  • The Burmese believed rubies ripened like fruit, and that the redder a ruby, the more ripened it was. If a ruby was flawed, it was considered over-ripe.
  • Although The Black Prince Ruby sits in the Imperial State Crown in London, it is actually a 170 carat spinel
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