As you look through these pages of sapphires you'll notice that most all of our Blue, White Yellow and Fancy Sapphires originate from Sri Lanka, while the majority of our Star Sapphires originate from Burma. Just like a Parma Prosciutto from Italy, or a Stilton bleu cheese from Great Britain, certain areas seem to produce a more consistent better product based on their geography.

Want to learn more about sapphires?, Just Click the links below:

Clarity Grading of Colored Gemstones

Size charts for Gemstones

Gemstone Enhancements

Want to learn more about Colored Stones, some great resources can be found on the AGTA Website

Click Here to learn more American Gem Trade Association (or copy this link into your browser

Or if You really want to dig deep into every nuance of Sapphire and Ruby, some great reading can be found in the bible of Sapphire and Ruby

Ruby & Sapphire by Richard Hughes-Some of which you can read online by clicking here


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