Our Top Ten Reasons You Can Feel Confident To Buy Stones From Simply Sapphires
Simply Sapphires


We’re members of the AGTA and have been since our inception. What does this mean?

The AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) which is a 26 year old non profit organization that is leading industry force in the ethical promotion of natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls. It also has strict standards that its members must adhere to. For example AGTA members MAY NOT certify or appraise products that they offer for sale and provide full disclosure on enhancements and treatments of their gems.

The AGTA’s objectives are:

  • To represent and further the interests of the natural colored gemstone, pearl and cultured pearl industries in the United States and Canada.

  • To promote, maintain and perpetuate the highest ethical standards among the Members of AGTA and within the colored gemstone industry.

  • To protect the natural colored gemstone, pearl and cultured pearl industries, related industries, and ultimately, the consumer from fraud, abuse, misrepresentation and deceptive advertising related to colored gemstones.

  • To create a greater awareness of and knowledge about colored gemstones and act as a source of information for the jewelry trade to disseminate to the consumer.

  • To educate these industries, related industries and the consumer about natural colored gemstones, pearls and cultured pearls.

  • To assist the consumer in identifying dealers of integrity in the natural colored gemstone, pearl, and cultured pearl industries.

  • To assist the natural colored gemstone, pearl and cultured pearl industries in identifying dealers of integrity in the wholesale colored gemstone marketplace.

  • To establish closer communication and information sharing between the AGTA and all segments of the jewelry trade and related industries


We provide independent reviews directly from our customers.

You can read independent reviews from our clients, these are not selective lines of text, but independently collected and maintained reviews that we can neither selectively display or edit. If a online shop can’t offer independent reviews of there work, you might want to ask why.


Our sapphires come from the source.

Most all of our sapphires come directly from Sri Lanka Ceylon). They are mined and cut there and then sent directly to us, so we know the pedigree of every stone we sell.


Our certifications are better.

Our certifications are done by world recognized third party labs that have no vested interest in selling stones. It costs more to do certifications this way (~$140/stone), but it’s a better way to do business. Each certified stone is evaluated by 2 independent gemologists in a world class gem lab. We can have any stone on our site certified, just ask.

Why don’t we certify every stone we sell internally by an in house gemologist?

a. No One Who Sells Jewelry/Gems should appraise or certify the Jewelry/Gems as it will not be independent.

b. Only a handful of gem labs in the country have the proper equiptment to truly analyze a natural stone. With all the new things popping up in gems like Flux healing, Glass cavity filling, Glass fracture filling, Oils, dyes and irradiation, very few labs have the equiptment to detect and analyze these phenomona.

c. Only a small percentage of gems labs in the world are independently recognized and established (less than a dozen in my opinion).


Our clients are our major concern,

We want you back. We treat every customer with respect, whether you purchase a $5 sapphire or a $50000 sapphire.


You’ll get what you order faster.

We normally ship the same day or the next business day. No more paying for Overnight Delivery and then finding out it was shipped 5 days later for Overnight delivery on the 6th day. Plus any order over $500, ships by 2nd day or Overnight delivery for free.


If you don’t see it, we can get it.

If you don’t see what you want, just ask. We can usually find any stone your looking for, or create any jewelry piece you desire.


All of our jewelry designs are one of a kind originals.

Not one of a hundred, all are original ideas and all crafted right here in the US. Have an idea or vision, or designer can turn it into a reality. Not sure what you want, we’re happy to offer a few suggestions.


Money Back Guarantee.

Gemstones and jewelry can be a subjective choice, all of our stones can be returned for a full refund within 10 days of receipt for any reason, no restocking fees, RMA, just send us an email telling when to expect it.


See it where you’ll enjoy it.

Many times, our clients will tell us one of the feautures they like about online shopping is they get to see the stones in their enviroment not ours. A stone might look terrific under carefully placed halogen lights in storefront, but how will look in the sun, in your kitchen, thats for you to decide.