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Over the course of 2 decades in the colored gemstone business (and a dozen more earlier) we’ve been fortunate to see and collect many a variety of gemstones. On this page we try and showcase some of our finds. Around late 1990’s we were asked to help market Boulder Opal for a mining company near Winton, Australia, and this gave us a look at some fine black opal and boulder opal specimens.

Other such as spinel, garnet, chrysoberyl, and alexandrite are found during the mining of sapphire and ruby (in certain areas such as Tanzania and Sri Lanka), so that’s one way we got introduced to some of these others.

Others we just come about through circumstance. A friend that was a master cutter hobbyist that worked for the US Government at the Embassy started collecting a faceting Tanzanite, so we wound up with a couple of hundred carats of these stunning polished colored gems.