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As you look through these pages of sapphires you’ll notice that most all of our Star Sapphire and Star Ruby originate from Burma, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar while the majority of our faceted Sapphires originate from Sri Lanka. Geography like in farming plays a big key. Diamonds are mined in every country in the world, while star sapphire (And Ruby Stars) are found in very few locations worldwide.

Many different legends have formed around these magical stones. People have thought that they had demons or angels of light living in them. And because they turned dark at night, they were thought to go to sleep, just like people. People have worn them for protection from evil spirits or attackers, they carried them in medicine and healing pouches, they are powerful spirits in the shamanistic world.

People use them for saying and seeing the future or for objects of meditation. They are said to speak for, or are the voices of the mineral world spirits. Most are hundreds of millions of years old. The stars in all stones are believed to increase the gemstones magical powers, because it’s the all seeing eye of the spirit contained in the stone. They speak only when in the light and their voice is one of movement and shadow light shades. They are the symbol of the heavens.
My personal favorite about the legend of the star sapphire involve the three crossed rays seen in them, they are said to represent Faith, Hope, and Destiny.
An fascinating fact about star sapphire and star ruby For every 100 faceted ruby and sapphire mined, approximately three stars are discovered. One will have good color and a bad star. One will have a good star and bad color. Only one out of a hundred will have a good star and good color.