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Yellow gemstones are projective, ruled by the planet Mercury. In India, it is the color of the 3rd energy chakra.
The color yellow stands for intelligence and is ruled by the sun and air elements. Yellow stones can be used to increase understanding and increase intelligence. They are used in magical or mystical meditations to increase visualization powers and astral-projective powers.
Mystically inclined speakers and spellbinders use yellow stones mounted in gold to bind their audiences minds to their words and projected allusions.
Yellow stones have the power of movement outward, the easing of the exchange of ideas and thoughts between people. The wearing of yellow stones is thought to increase telepathic and astral-travel abilities. Many people believe that wearing yellow gems increases their intuitive powers and, in this way, are also protective.
Some yellow gemstones are yellow sapphire (thought to be the most powerful), citrine, yellow diamond, yellow garnet, yellow tourmaline, amber and tigereye.


AGTA Member
AGTA members believe in more than just selling the world's highest quality gemstones and cultured pearls. They share a mine-to-market mentality-the belief that the gem trade should be as transparent and ethical as possible.
That's why, in 1984, the AGTA and its members developed the industry's strictest and most comprehensive Code of Ethics and Fair Business Practices. Every year since then, the AGTA and its members annually commit to leading the industry in standards of disclosure, transparency, and ethical practices.
The AGTA and its members take pride in working toward a gem industry that benefits everyone involved. Whether it's investing in the communities that produce gemstones, supporting individuals whose lives have been impacted by the gem trade, or cooperating with foreign governments to improve working conditions, AGTA members continually work to hold the gem industry to the highest possible business standards.
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