AGL Certified Blue Gray Star Sapphire 78 carats 23.4×22.2×12.6mm


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One of the most remarkable stones I’ve ever come across is this magnificent star sapphire
I bought it in the mid 1990’s from a dealer Thailand where it was brought to be cabbed. First and foremost is its star is magnificent, strong and bold.

It’s color is listed by AGL as being Bluish Gray, AGL classifies its star strength to be “Strong to Moderate” and the quality of the Star to be ” Very Good to Good”. Personally I see the color as more of a silver with a slight undertone of green.

Body is translucent  with a star is bold and strong.

This stone has an interesting history to it. We purchased it in the 1990’s and sold it a year or two after. The client that had it, treasured it for almost 20 years. When he passed, his family contacted us with the intention of selling it (they have three children in college). They had hoped we could find it a new home where it would be appreciated as much as when they had owned it.

Just in terms of the weight, shape and star probably ones of the rarest stars you’ll ever come across no matter how far you look




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