1.65 Carat Bubblegum Pink Cushion Cut Sri Lanka Sapphire 7.0×6.2×4.3mm


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This exquisite loose Sri Lanka pink sapphire embodies the captivating allure of a bubblegum pink hue, radiating a mesmerizing charm. Mined from the bountiful lands of Sri Lanka, this gemstone boasts a rare vibrancy that captivates the beholder’s gaze.

Its striking color, reminiscent of delicate pink petals, exudes a soft yet vibrant energy that is as enchanting as it is elegant. The gem’s exceptional clarity, rated as eye clean, ensures a pristine surface, allowing light to dance through its facets with unparalleled brilliance.

Expertly faceted in Sri Lanka, this sapphire showcases a radiant appearance that seems to emanate a subtle, ethereal glow. Whether destined to be the centerpiece of a stunning jewelry piece or treasured in a gem collection, this pink sapphire is a testament to nature’s beauty and the artistry of skilled craftsmanship. Its alluring charm and unparalleled hue make it a treasure to behold, carrying with it the rich heritage and allure of its Sri Lankan origins

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