AGTA Certified Sri Lanka Oval Pink Sapphire 2.03 cts 7.9×6.2mm


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This stunning natural pink sapphire has a unique color that combines shades of pink, orange, and brown, giving it a rich and deep appearance. The stone has been expertly heat treated to enhance its color and clarity, and has been certified by the AGTA gem lab as a natural pink sapphire.

Discover the epitome of elegance with this captivating sapphire. Not only does its visual allure command attention, but its impeccable clarity renders it flawless to the discerning eye. Esteemed by both artisans and aficionados, this gem stands as a premier selection for those seeking excellence in their creations.

With a mesmerizing fusion of hues and the prestigious AGTA certification to its name, this sapphire emerges as a rare and cherished treasure. Its natural radiance, enhanced through meticulous heat treatment, unveils a delightful palette of pink and orange tones, evoking a sense of unparalleled sophistication.

Whether adorning your personal collection or inspiring the creation of a bespoke masterpiece, this sapphire promises to elevate any setting with its unparalleled beauty. Seize the opportunity to possess this exquisite gemstone, an embodiment of timeless allure and unparalleled craftsmanship.


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