AGTA Certified Unheated Sri Lanka White Emerald Cut Sapphire – 7.47 cts


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This is the largest emerald cut colorless sapphire we’ve ever come across. Finding white sapphire used to be a pretty easy task, but probably the past 5+ years it’s been more and more difficult as the rough just isn’t available in the larger sizes to cut.

Many people love white sapphire as a great alternative to a diamond. Although obviously it is not as brilliant as a diamond (the refractive index of diamond is much higher than sapphire), many people admire the beauty and elegance of a white sapphire and it being a fraction of the cost compared to diamond. Diamond has a hardness of 10 on the Moh’s scale and Sapphire is a close second at 9, so great for a stone for everyday wear.

This particular sapphire was mined in Sri Lanka, and cut in India. I couldn’t believe it when I examined it and it appeared to be unheated as it little to no secondary color, and was clean and bright with only minor visible inclusions. I asked that they have it certified and when I returned to New York I had the AGTA gem lab do an independent analysis as well, which also verified that the sapphire was unheated.

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