Blue Green Afghani Tourmaline Diamond Ring 18Kwg 7.68 Ctw


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Simply breath-taking vibrant blue-green colors dazzle with top brilliance across the face of this very large Mawee mine,Laghman Afghanistan tourmaline.

The stone’s color varies from a seafoam blue-green to a minty green with secondary blue hue. The stone was expertly modified radiant cut by a top US lapidary and began as a 22.53 piece of rough which was skillfully faceted into the 7.06 carat final stone. It measures 12 X 10.09 X 9.63 mm. The cut is intentionally slightly deep to intensify the color. This color and type of tourmaline is highly sought and currently is not being mined.

Part of the stone’s rarity results from difficulty mining the rough and what was once found is heavily included. This tourmaline is exceptionally clean with two minute colorless inclusions noted near the stone’s girdle. These inclusions were difficult to see with the eye when the stone was loose and once set became nearly invisible. The large tourmaline is prong set and surrounded by round brilliant diamonds. These diamonds outline the vibrant blue-green colors of the tourmaline and continue down the ring’s shoulders. In total there is 0.60 carats of fine quality diamonds that are SI2 GH quality. The ring is made with 6.20 grams of 18K white gold and is a size 7 1/2 (please indicate your size request on the order form).

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