CGL Certified Unheated Emerald Cut Green to Purple Color Change Emerald Cut Sapphire 3.01 carats


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I think one of the things I admire most about the colored gemstones business is the people you meet and the philosophies you take a way from them. Some words of wisdom I’ve heard over the years

1. Dont’t fall for fancy salespeak, a champagne colored sapphire is a brown sapphire, so don’t buy it unless you like brown sappphire

2. Don’t sell crap, even if you are selling a $10 sapphire, make sure its well cut, and something you are proud to be selling

3. Don’t certify your own material, anyone who has a vested interest in the sale shouldn’t be giving you a certification. I always explain it to customers like two neighbors go to court over an accidentally broken window, when neighbor suggests his brother is a good choice for a judge. He might be a good honest man, but he also has a vested interest in his brother, so can he give you a truly unbiased opinion?

Anyway sorry for the long spiel, but this is s pecial stone so it deserves it. This is certainly an odd duck sapphire. In some lights it looks dark purple like an Alexandrite, in other light (mostly outside) you see beautiful flashes of teal and blue, while other times inside it appears green. Very Very clean stone inside (loupe clean under 10x magnification). 

It’s one of those sapphires thats perfect for a collector or creative designer, as putting it in standard mount won’t do it justice. It needs to have extra light allowed from the sides or bottom, to let the light bring out the color. This sapphire was mined and faceted in Sri Lanka. 


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