Cushion Cut Sri Lanka Purple Blue Sapphire – 1.50 Carats 7.9×5.4×3.9mm


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Indulge in the allure of a sapphire that defies convention and ignites the imagination with its electrifying hues. Behold, a radiant gemstone reminiscent of the deepest, most captivating blues, its luscious color akin to the crackle of electricity against a midnight sky.

Crafted from the depths of Sri Lanka’s mineral-rich earth and meticulously cut to perfection, this sapphire exudes warmth and depth that envelops the soul. Its vivid blue tones, reminiscent of a sun-kissed ocean at twilight, beckon admirers to lose themselves in its hypnotic embrace.

As if drawn from the very essence of nature’s palette, this gem reveals an enchanting clarity that captures and reflects light with unparalleled brilliance. Its eye-clean surface invites exploration, promising a journey of discovery with every glance.

Embrace the unique character of this sapphire, adorned with subtle color zoning that adds a layer of intrigue and individuality. Each facet tells a story of the earth’s tumultuous journey, culminating in a masterpiece of breathtaking beauty.

Whether adorning a cherished collection or serving as the centerpiece of a bespoke creation, this heat-treated sapphire stands as a testament to nature’s boundless artistry. Surrender to its irresistible charm and let its warmth and vibrancy illuminate your world with unparalleled

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