Elegant Cushion Tanzanite Diamond Necklace 14Kwg 4.25 Ctw



Fabulous price on this elegant Tanzanite Necklace. The tanzanite was purchase by myself over ten years ago and the diamond necklace trim was purchased as a close-out from a manufacturer and although the diamonds are rated I1 the inclusions are very minimal, quit difficult to detect to the eye and for the most part are white feathers so they are colorless and non-distracting.

This exquisite necklace features a 3.25 carat square cushion cut tanzanite that measures 8.25 mm, has excellent clarity and top of the line trichroic color that includes both electric sparks of blue, purple, pink and periwinkle. The trichroic property of tanzanite, meaning it exhibits three colors is evident in only the highest quality tanzanite and typically includes both the blue and purple hues and a flash of pink or red. This tanzanite is four prong set and dangles freely from a jump ring which is attached to a round brilliant diamond.

The tanzanite dangle alone measures 14 mm or 1/2″ in length. The diamond trim includes 20 round brilliant and 24 baguette cut diamonds for 1.00 carats total weight. The diamonds are I1 and G quality (nice bright, top color and brilliance). The necklace features a lovely sparkling Singapore chain and a heavy secure lobster claw clasp with a swirl design. In total the necklace has 4.20 carats total weight in fine quality gemstones and diamonds, weighs 10.29 grams of 14K white gold and is 171/4″ in length. Please let us know your necklace length preference when ordering. Note the necklace is not crooked and the tanzanite diamond piece is center placed. It is the photographer that is off center!

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