Madagascar Blue Star Sapphire 3.22 carats 8.7×6.7×4.8mm



On any given day you can look on Ebay and see several hundred diffusion star sapphires, whose whole purpose in being vreated in a factory, was to look like this natural star sapphire. It still amazes me the simple beauty of a natural star sapphire like this one, A striking denim blue color, a strong 6 point star. just so cool that this guy packs the punch that other ones only dream of.

When I first started collecting star sapphires back in the late 1980’s, Madagascar Blue Star Sapphires always intrgued me. I love the variety of denim blue colors, the distinct star effect, and the relative low cost you could find them for. You could typically find them at a gem show in Tucson or Bangkok for $10-20/carat.

Nowdays though even finding them is a task, most you see that look like them are artificially colored or artificially enhanced with a star and finding the untreated ones are near impossible.

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