Princess Cut Madagascar blue Sapphire Diamond Platinum Ring 2.50 ctw


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After spending countless days, even years, scouring for the finest sapphires for our business, we’ve become exceptionally discerning about the quality of our materials. While I have a soft spot for the princess cut, sourcing high-quality material in decent sizes has been a challenge for quite some time. Around 11 years ago, I acquired this princess cut sapphire for my personal collection, and only recently decided to part with it, offering it to adorn our jewelry line.

This sapphire is nothing short of extraordinary, embodying the epitome of excellence in every aspect. Weighing 2.22 carats and measuring 6.9 X 6.1 X 5.5 mm, its precision princess cut reveals no window or dark areas, while boasting near-loupe-clean clarity and a luster that rivals the most coveted stones. Its color, an ideally saturated, very rich cornflower blue, is accentuated by spectacular electric blue flashes that dance across the entire stone.

Set in a prong setting, this Madagascan sapphire’s vibrant blue hue is further enhanced by the gypsy-set straight baguette diamonds. With a total diamond weight of 0.28 carats and a highly rated VS2 GH quality, these diamonds add a touch of brilliance to an already mesmerizing piece.

Weighing a substantial 8.9 grams and sized at 6 3/4 (with sizing options available), this ring is crafted to perfection, promising both elegance and durability. Let us know your size request on the order form, and prepare to adorn yourself with the unparalleled beauty of this exceptional sapphire ring.

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