Solid Queensland Boulder Opal 4.2 Carats


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Explore the enchanting world of Australian opals with this exquisite piece mined in the Outback of Queensland, near the small community of Quilpie.

Boulder opal, a unique variety of opal, forms within the cavities of ironstone boulders dating back to the time when central Queensland was submerged under an inland sea. This opal is found nestled within both vertical and horizontal cracks or seams of the ironstone, creating what is known as solid opal.

Spanning a vast area from north of Winton to south of Quilpie, Boulder Opal is celebrated for its versatility. It boasts all the captivating colors and intricate patterns of expensive black or crystal opals, while its ironstone matrix provides exceptional durability.

Genuine solid boulder opals exhibit a distinctive natural uneven line when viewed from the side, revealing the opal-filled void within the boulder.

This particular opal showcases a mesmerizing array of colors, including purples, reds, oranges, blues, and greens, offering a stunning display of nature’s beauty and artistry. Dive into the world of Australian opals and discover the magic of Boulder Opal from Queensland’s rugged Outback.



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