Burma Blue Star Sapphire 43.5 Cts 23.8×17.3×9.1mm


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Unearth the essence of celestial beauty with this untreated Blue Star Sapphire from Burma. In an era where authenticity is a rare gem itself, discover a true treasure with this remarkable stone.

Crafted by nature’s artistry, this star sapphire boasts a mesmerizing 6-point star, a testament to its genuine origin and untouched purity. Unlike the mass-produced counterparts flooding the market, this gem remains unaltered, its brilliance and allure untouched by artificial enhancements.

Weighing over 43 carats, this magnificent stone is one of the largest blue star sapphires in our inventory. Its deep, rich denim blue-gray hue captivates the senses, evoking visions of rich blue skies and boundless horizons.

Unveiled from the archives of the 1990s, this gem emerged from a cutting house in Thailand, its allure preserved through time. Each turn of the stone reflects a narrative of authenticity, a testament to its rarity and timeless elegance.

Dare to indulge in the extraordinary. Own a piece of natural wonder, a true masterpiece of the earth. Let this untreated Blue Star Sapphire grace your collection, a symbol of unparalleled beauty and enduring allure.



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