1.65 Carat Neon Pink Round Brilliant Cut Ceylon Sapphire


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Elevate elegance to a new level with this exquisite 1.55 carat unmounted round brilliant pink sapphire, straight from the gem-rich mines of Sri Lanka. Meticulously faceted to perfection, this gem boasts a vibrant pink hue that exudes sophistication and charm.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Mined and faceted in Sri Lanka, renowned for exceptional sapphires.
  • Color: A striking, vibrant pink that captures attention and radiates beauty.
  • Cut: Expertly crafted into a round brilliant cut, ensuring mesmerizing sparkle.
  • Clarity: Eye-clean clarity, enhancing its allure and brilliance.

This loose pink sapphire is a versatile gem, offering endless possibilities to create a bespoke piece of jewelry. Whether as the centerpiece of a captivating ring or adorning a stunning pendant, its beauty will captivate hearts and spark conversations.

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