Sri Lanka (Ceylon) White Round Brilliant Sapphire 5mm ~0.60cts


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Bright and beautiful white sapphire round brilliants from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). They measure 5mm each and weigh around .6-.7 cts apiece and are colorless with a dazzling sparkle and brilliance.

The only treatment these stones have had is simple heat treatment. Price listed in the per stone price. If you’re interested in purchasing one or two quantity discounts are available, email us for details.

Funny story with these white sapphire rounds. Over the years we’ve literally sold hundreds of these beauties for engagement ring stones. Although not quite the brilliance of diamonds white sapphire being a natural gemstone is a hardy stone that can be worn every day, it’s more than reasonable in price, and doesn’t have the bad press that diamond mining practices gets.   If I had a white sapphire for everytime a bride has told me “we’d like a natural gemstone for our engagement ring, but there is no way we can afford both the engagement ring and our wedding reception, until someone told me about white sapphire.”

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