GIA Certified Unheated Indian Ruby Oval 2.36 carats 10.4×7.5x3mm


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This ruby is a perfect example of what I love the colored stone business. It’s exciting and always something new on the horizon. Here’s the story
A vendor in India contacted me through some sources and told me of a mining property he just acquired from his father and that he was mining Star Ruby from it. He offered to send me sample for a nominal price and so I took him up on his offer, a few weeks later the two stones arrived.

Most Indian star ruby I have seen were a murky purple in color so imagine my surprise when bright cherry red stones with strong stars arrived. Always one to be cautious I sent the stones to the GIA gem lab in New York, and they verified that the stones were NATURAL, UNHEATED with no other treatment. Big win. I ordered a second lot with same results, then the supply disappeared.

A few months later the same vendor contacted me and told me he had found facet grade ruby on an adjacent plot, he owned, the result where these beauties. Again to be cautious I sent them to the GIA gem lab and they were analyzed as Natural Unheated Ruby with no other treatment.

This stone has a deep rich red color and only minor barely eye visible inclusions, a truly beautiful stone at a price you won’t find anywhere else. Find a GIA unheated faceted ruby online and look at what the price is. True this stone has a simple native cut to it, but that doesn’t take away from its pure awesome-ness (probably not a word, but who cares).

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